EleKTro mOOn Vision
Ausstellungsdauer: 5. - 30. November 2009

EleKTro mOOn Vision

[URBAN.LAB] - EleKTro mOOn Vision


zur Vernissage der Ausstellung am 5. November 2009, ab 19:00 Uhr

die Ausstellung läuft von 5. - 30. November 2009
Öffnungszeiten nach Vereinbarung - bitte Frau Eva Bischof kontaktieren +43 (0)699 11027235

by EleKTro mOOn Vision


[URBAN.LAB] exhibition will present audio-visual works of the Polish-Hungarian duo EleKTro mOOn Vision.

The duo lives and works among three cities: Krakow-Budapest-Vienna feeling that there is one world under one sky. In the very personal work [URBAN.LAB] they put these three urban spaces under the digital research handling each city as a complex living organism with structured personality which evolves, mutates and transforms giving them a living space and inspirations.

The city is a raw material to work on, which is put under the observation using a camera and heard by a microphone and then interpreted by the artists using computer technologies, exploring the city on the following axis: energy - space - technology. The result brings the unpredictable and unique audiovisual experience.

The third part of the project based on the city of Vienna is to be fulfilled during the 3 weeks residency of Elwira Wojtunik in this city and will complete the trilogy in the mid-time of the exhibition.

Beside the [URBAN.LAB] in the salon there will be presented other a/v works of EleKTro mOOn Vision including the 1st prize-winning short film Missed Train at the KrakOFF Short Forms 2007.


Elwira Wojtunik was born in 1978 in Poland. She graduated from the Media Faculty conducted by specialists from Audiovisual Art Institute from the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. In 2004 in Budapest (Hungary) she founded EleKTro mOOn Vision visual collective together with Popesz Csaba Láng - hothead of video and new media technologies. From that moment they create video live-acts, a/v performances, based on non-conventional, live experiments with the video surface. At present they are based in Krakow (Poland) and work on various video-art projects. Regularly they are invited to participate in international events presenting new media art as sound:frame in Vienna, Live Performers Meeting in Rome, VJ Fest in Istanbul or Photomonth in Krakow.

They also create short television forms, video-clips, advertisements and short movies – their experimental film titled "Missed Train" got the first prize at the KrakOFFskie Short Forms 2007 competition. Octopus Mantra video-clip for Italian-Dutch group The Filmakers got selected to the finals of the UK based Babelgum Music Video Awards.

Member of the international ProjectEast! association and female:pressure.