Andreas Steinkogler
Präsentation: 11. März 2010, ab 19:00 Uhr

Andreas Steinkogler

Between Commerce and Art - A Work Exhibition


Andreas Steinkogler - Between Commerce and Art - A Work Exhibition

"The One I Want" (Music Video - 2006 - 3'40'')
"Re-Beat 2.0" (Music Video - 2008 - 3'35'')
"Bajar" (Experimental Shot Film - 2007 - 1'10')
"Itchy Pitch" (Visual Track - 2009 - 6'00'')
"Say!" (Music Video - 2009 - 4'10'')
"Schopenhauer" (Experimental Short Film - 2006 - 2'21'')

Andreas Steinkogler was always interested in the connection between visual art and music.

Around the millenium he starts to produce visual loops for own VJ-sets.

His style orient itself to the industrial-pioneers of the late 70´s and early 80´s.

From 2003 on he´s playing as a VJ in several clubs in Vienna and 2004 he became a member of the VJ-Crew "Eye-Con".

Due to his experimental approach he is invited to the most renowned culture-and musicfestivals in austria, such as the EqualEyes Festival, Urban Art Forms, Sound:frame, Spring Festival in Graz and Festivals in nearby countries.

Beside his regular occupation, where he is engaged for several film-productions and tv- stations, he also makes his mark in the austrian film-szene.

He is producing several musicvideos and shortmovies, which where shown on several filmfestivals in austria as well as Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark and several other countries.

The Opening of the Vienna International Shortfilmfestival (VIS) was musicaly and visually designed, in the course of the festival and the cultural programme for the european football championship 2008 a radio play got live visualized in a cinema.

At 2009 he visualized article 14 of the human rights charta for an exhibition, celebrating 60 years of the universal declaration of Human Rights.

As a VJ he supports Acts like Pendulum, LCD Soundsystem or Alex Gopher, as a DJ he makes his mark in the electronic scene in vienna.

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